Difference between Right and Left Lung?

The main difference in the right and left lungs are that they are divided differently. The left lung has two lobes. While the right lung has three lobes.


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How right and left lungs are different?

The Left lung is smaller and has only two lobes, but the right lung is bigger and has three lobes also has less room because youe heart is located on your left side so thats why it …more

What are the difference between the left and right lung?

The left lung is on the left and the right lung is on the right….more

What is the difference from the right lung and the left lung?

in humans. Right lung. Left lung. Heavier. Lighter. Shorter & wider due to upward compression by liver. Longer & narrower due to side compression by heart. Has oblique &…more

What is the difference between the left lung and the right lung?

The right lung is slighty broader and larger in size and in left lung a cardiac notch is present which is for the presence of Heart. So the left lung is divided into two lobes – superior…more

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