Why was Crystal Pepsi such a failure?

It is commonly believed that Crystal Pepsi failed because people did not like the taste or appearance. Similar to purple Ketchup people just couldn’t get used to it.

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Why was Crystal Pepsi such a failure?

I drank a lot of it in high school and I was a big coke drinker..I liked it.. maybe we should start a campaign to bring it back…the first crystal pepsi not the citrus one that came…more

Why did Crystal Pepsi fail?

So I read that Crystal Pepsi was introduced because in 1992, purity became some sort of a fad. At this point, Ivory had remade its soap from the milky looking solution they were using…more

Why did Pepsi crystal fail?

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Who sang right now in the crystal Pepsi commercials?

Van Halen…more

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