Cure for Mono?

Mono is a virus, which means that there is no medical cure. Antibiotics don’t work on viral infections. The only thing you can do to cure it is rest and drink plenty of fluids.



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How to Cure Mono?

There is no cure for mono. There are ways to help get over it faster such as getting plenty of sleep, resting in bed even while awake, drinking plenty of fluids, gargling salt water…more

How can mono be cured?

there is no actual medicine to cure mono. you are just suppose to have lots of rest and fluids (water) do not over exert yourself otherwise you will not get rid of mono. when having…more

What is the cure for mono?

There is no real cure for Mono. If you get it, you should just. wait for it to resolve. It also helps to get a lot of. rest. and have plenty of. fluids….more

what is mono can it be cured?

Mono is a very common virus. There is no cure, but over the counter pain relievers and…more

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